If you are looking for the ultimate medieval experience my lords and ladies, then please look no further. Thou hast found the providers of the best UK medieval banquet options at your disposal. If you want to see medieval jousting knights and bumbling jesters entertaining you whilst you dine on a sumptuous feast and drink deeply from pewter goblets then you what you require is medieval banquet hire. When you book medieval banquet nights you can be sure of traditional and incredible food prepared by our expert chefs, medieval props such as wooden tables and chairs, pewter crockery and banners and coats of arms, as well as falconry displays, archery and jousting tournaments, and live entertainers such as jugglers and musicians.

A medieval dinner party is a great idea for corporate events, private parties, children’s themed parties and medieval themed weddings. Medieval banquet hire is a great idea if you are looking to cater for a large amount of guests. A medieval theme night is a guaranteed success for guests of all age. A medieval theme party can be tailored to your event so whatever event you are hosting, give us a call and let us guide your booking so you get the most out of your entertainment. The hire medieval theme night is available if you are looking to find a medieval banquet somewhere other than at our main venue (which is St Katherine’s Dock in London). Wherever you are, feel free to contact us with your enquiry. If you want to book medieval fun but don’t have a suitable venue then we can help you scout a medieval banquet venue; there are lots of places across the UK that will host a hire medieval theme party at competitive prices. Our medieval theme nights can be themed to your taste as well, so whether you want to dine with Henry VIII, King Arthur or Robin Hood and his merry men, let us know and we can cater for your needs. A hire medieval banquet provides divine food, delicious ales and wines as well as music and entertainment throughout the evening.

Whatever you are looking for with your medieval night out be sure to book with The Entertainment Group for the highest quality evening. Contact s now with your enquiry and we will get the ball rolling on providing you with a top class evening of traditional fun and good food!